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Legacy Survival Gear’s Top 5 Reasons To Stock Survival gear

Campers, survivalists, preppers, bushcraft practitioners, military, law enforcement, hikers, mountain climbers, world travelers, and hunters. These are just some of the groups that buy survival gear. In reality, everyone should be prepared. No matter if you’re the outdoors type, businessman, or couch potato. Below are the top 5 reasons why believes everyone should be prepared:



1. Natural Disasters: Hurricanes, tornado’s, earthquakes, floods, forest fires, blizzards, and droughts. No place in the United States is immune to natural disasters. Just because a major event hasn’t happened where you live doesn’t mean that it can’t. You could be stranded during a natural disaster and have to make your way to safety in very harsh conditions or trapped in your own neighborhood due to impassable roads without access to basic essentials.

2. Economic downturn or Collapse: No matter how many different opinions that are out there, it’s pretty clear that the United States economy is on borrowed time unless we come up with a miracle solution to our stratospheric rising debt and stop printing money that is not backed by anything but hope. Even mainstream economists are starting to talk about how much trouble we might be in. It can’t hurt to have a small supply of essentials in case things go bad.
3. War: There is more unrest and instability in the world today than we’ve seen in a very long time. One large event or crisis could trigger another world war, possibly even reaching United States soil. There are plenty of countries out there that have threatened America, and once they gain the ability to strike us here at home, you can bet eventually they will try, especially if they view America as weak.

4. Terrorism: Terrorists around the world are hell bent on destroying the American way of life, as well as killing anyone who doesn’t share their faith. With politicians allowing wide open borders and an absolute disregard for U.S. sovereignty, it’s only a matter of time before they are able to strike us again. Major terrorist attacks could lead to the greatest turmoil this great country has ever seen, not to mention a federal crackdown on the entire population, including law abiding citizens. It would not be a pretty picture.
5. Civil unrest and rioting: Whatever the cause, massive civil unrest is not something that anyone should think cannot happen on a large scale. If things spiral out of control, major cities would declare martial law, which in case you didn’t know, this would suspend the constitution in those areas. Good luck getting clean water and supplies out there in the concrete jungles if all hell breaks loose. As Matt Drudge once tweeted, “Have an exit plan”

We here at realize there are a lot of great places to buy survival gear online, and we don’t want to waste your time or ours making outlandish claims about how much better we are than the competition, or by offering free items worth pennies and claiming they have a high retail value. We don’t have crazy infomercials, bait and switch tactics, or dump your information to some mailing list where you’ll be bombarded by ads.

We are the real deal. Yes, we are the new kids on the block, minus the pretty-boy looks, but we feel like we have a lot to offer our customers. You’ll be talking to the CEO almost every time you contact Legacy Survival Gear, either by phone or email. We will always encourage feedback, communication, and suggestions for our website and/or products, and we will make changes or additions if we are able. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs. You’ll get an email every time we publish a new blog, along with links to our previous blogs, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Check out the slideshow below for a taste of the types of products we sell.


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