Preparation in today’s society

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preparation in today’s society

Call us preppers, call us survivalists, call us what you will. In today’s ever-changing world, preparation may be your only chance at staving off disaster. Some people believe that they don’t need to be prepared for large-scale events, they say whatever happens, happens. They believe they can deal with it if the time should ever come. Try to sell that story to the people who were affected by Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, or the Americans affected by major tornado’s across the mid-west, or the countless others affected by life’s unpredictable events throughout our history. If you look at history; during the great depression Americans were mostly self-sufficient.

Today we rely so heavily on city and town water, sewer, power, gas, heating oil, food, and medical services. Most Americans would be lost without these basics services. We have become a heavily dependent society. Ask yourself this; if there were to be a natural disaster today, would you be able to keep your family safe and secure for an extended period of time. The government has already proven that during large-scale events it can take weeks for them to respond to people in need. I hate to say it, but you may be on your own for a while during one of these events. You may not be able to keep your family safe or even alive. I’m not trying to be an alarmist or sell products out of fear. Whether you buy from us or someone else, I just want people to be prepared. I’m simple stating the facts about the world we live in.

Technology can be good in many regards, but it can also make us weak, relying too heavily on technology and services provided by others rather than our own skills as people and as a community. A lot of preparation can be done incrementally and at small costs. You don’t need to buy items in a lot of cases. Learning valuable skills from like-minded Americans costs you nothing, but will help you prepare.

To take it a step further, what if there were to be an economic collapse, terrorist attack, EMP,  large solar flare, or even a major war that reached American soil? What about large-scale rioting triggered by an internal event? Would you and your family be able to hunker down with the supplies and knowledge you currently possess? Are you prepared for the long haul if need be?

Being prepared is not about personal beliefs or politics; it’s about being ready for any situation. I’m sure most of you have deeply held beliefs, as do I, about why it would even be possible for something like an economic collapse, rioting, or God forbid; martial law; but these are not the only reasons to be prepared. Natural disasters have been around throughout the history of this planet. What would you do without water, food, electricity, and sanitation for an extended period of time?

We at Legacy Survival Gear are here to help. We’ve done the homework on what it takes to survive. Legacy carries field tested gear such as water filtration, Long-Term food storage, lighting that doesn’t require batteries, solar, sanitation equipment, medical kits, fire starters, shelter, knives, Survival Kits, Paracord; the list goes on. What we really want to sell our customers is loyalty, not your loyalty to us, but OUR loyalty to YOU as our customers, neighbors and friends.

We encourage you to email customer service if there are products you’d like to see us carry, and always feel free to email us with questions, comments or concerns, anytime day or night. We want to build this company together with you to make it a great success! We will be having FREE give-a-ways throughout the spring and summer, so be sure to check back with us often! Please don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs, there is no subscription fee and never will be, no matter how big we become!

J. Wilbur, Legacy Survival Gear LLC CEO/Founder

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