Financial Meltdown?



I vowed never to try to sell products using fear tactics, but I feel as though I must warn Americans of what may be coming. Whether or not you buy emergency supplies from us or someone else, I urge you to do so immediately. There are a lot of great sites out there besides Legacy Survival Gear.

The stock markets worldwide are extremely volatile, as seen by the absolute blood bath this week. We here at Legacy Survival Gear follow the economy and worldwide events very closely.

I personally believe that the world may enter a major financial meltdown and depression like never seen before, somewhere between 1-12 weeks from now, unless something very drastic is to be done to stave off disaster. I would urge you to closely watch site like the and for more information.

We have never issued a warning like this before and would not do it if we were not genuinely concerned about this country. Please do your own research and do not listen to the talking heads on television. Those are the same talking heads who laughed at experts when they warned of the housing bubble in 07/08. We are not predicting this, we are simply following the many experts who have proven to be right time and time again.

Please get prepared, for your family. If I am wrong, then at least you’ll be stocked up for a major storm or natural disaster. It can’t hurt to be ready! If you decide not to shop at Legacy Survival Gear, I will personally give you advice on the best places to buy gear other than us if you email me using the contact page on our website.

I am not sending out this warning to make a buck. Legacy is a family owned business that we operate out of our home. We started Legacy because we love the gear and wanted to offer it to others. We are American patriots like all of you, and just want our fellow countrymen to be safe!

Jesse Wilbur – Legacy Survival Gear CEO/Founder

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