We the people

I’ve studied and written about political correctness, our failing economy, a tyrannical government, and our...

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The Political Machine

Some of you might be wondering what politics has to do with survival. To you I would say this; absolutely...

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Survival, Escape & Evasion

Legacy Survival Gear is proud to announce this amazing new DVD!  Survival, Escape & Evasion is a must have to...

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Winter Preps

We all know that we should carry jumper cables and a snow brush during the winter, but are you really prepared...

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Money or Freedom?

Being one of the newest survival gear companies on the market, it’s difficult to compete with the big boys....

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Top 4 reasons 2016 should be the year of preparation

1. The worlds economies are on the brink of collapse more and more as governments kick the can down the road by...

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A Lifestraw Holiday

What’s the best gift you can give your family? We think it’s safety and security. When the busy...

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Homemade Emergency Food Bars

  Want to make your own Emergency food bars with a 5 year shelf life? It’s easier and more cost...

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Protect & Serve

Legacy Survival Gear is proud to announce our newest line of products, under our new category – Law...

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The Coming Storm

Are you and your family ready for the chaos coming to our homeland? Are you prepared to survive if necessary?...

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Dreams and new beginnings

Starting Legacy Survival Gear was a long-time dream of mine. I have been buying survival gear for many years, and...

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Fire Cord – Next Generation of Paracord

legacysurvivalgear.com carries 550 Fire Cord! I believe in this product more than any other product I’ve ever...

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